What is Agent Workspace?

Agent Workspace – my findings

When I first started learning about incident, problem, change and request management, I thought I had a general idea of how these processes operate and intertwine with each other. Yet I felt something was missing, a possibility for a more unified and coherent way to act on process records. After spending some time with Agent Workspace, I got on top of it, and I believe after reading this article, you will get there too. like to check the health of your instance. HealthCheck can also be included in the support contract and be performed on a regular basis, e.g. once every six months. 

Clear functions

Agent Workspace is a graphic user interface that puts all the tools to find, research and resolve issues. As it works on identical records as a regular instance, the core functionality of forms isn’t lost but built up. Almost all fields and buttons fit into a single page. You don’t need to scroll too much, and your options appear more transparent.

The new design is much more readable and digestible, especially for someone with little ServiceNow familiarity and experience like myself. You don’t have to search for the essential elements like Short Description, Urgency and Category. They are placed in front and never get lost during the form exploration. The Agent Assist and Templates, which I will touch upon soon, are also always available within a single click.

Agent workspace 1
Agent Workspace 1 ServiceNow
agent workspace 2
Agent Workspace 2 ServiceNow

Modern multitasking

One of the most significant improvements in Agent Workspace is the ability to work on multiple records at once in a single window. You no longer need to open each record in a separate browser tab which crowds bloated browsers.

agent workspace 3
Agent Workspace 3 ServiceNow

Instead, each record has its own tab inside the Workspace, which can also have sub-tabs related to its parent. Working on multiple records now is a much more efficient and pleasant experience.

Smooth user communication 

Still relatively new and, in my opinion, under-utilized Interactions found their place in Agent Workspace. By using Service Portal, Virtual Agent, Incident, or other channels through integrations, users can open chat with Agent who sees the Interaction record and tab containing user’s case in real-time. Managing Interactions became more convenient and transparent for both users and agents.

Workspace Agent improves your agent experience and is tailored to the kind of issue that the agents work on. Integrated with chat on the same page, helps to easily communicate with end-users from the same interface while finding, researching and resolving issues.

– Konrad Mamica, Presales Consultant

Intelligent source of knowledge

The Related Search feature allows searching for knowledge and solutions in the form of articles, catalog items, similar closed cases, etc. I appreciate the new spin as it gives me a whole new level of sources organization. The accessibility and intelligent search boost efficiency and reduce redundancy and frustration from searching up constantly the same results. Speaking of which, we also have Templates that, when set up accordingly, can fill out an entire record worth of fields. It eliminates clicking out the same data over and over again.

Properly customized searches

It’s not like regular filters couldn’t customize the search and be saved, but Lists have become even more straightforward. They require fewer clicks to run and are easier to create. Categorizing and organizing my searches made the work a lot more comfortable, efficient and tailored around what I needed.

Agent workspace 4
Agent Workspace 4 ServiceNow

Why Agent Workspace is my ultimate choice?

Using Agent Workspace enabled me to understand the process I was involved in a much better way. Its clear, single-pane view and a bunch of enhancements over regular Form View made working on records faster, more comfortable and understandable. In my belief, Agent Workspace is the next step in evolving the ITSM processes for Agents. I can’t imagine not using it with its current value, which will continue to grow as AW is constantly developed with every new upgrade.