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Quebec release for Developers & Platform Admins

17 May 2021 / ServiceNow Platform

Authors: Tomasz Sienkiewicz - Head of Research & Development

Do you want to know what Quebec brings to the table for you? We checked it and chose the most exciting features to make your work effective. From UI Builder to Mobile enhancements – use the new update and explore new ServiceNow possibilities!

You hold the keys to the company’s business processes, and you are in a constant juggling act that helps the gears turn and fit together. The Quebec release gives you the possibility to become quicker, more efficient and to be more agile.

ServiceNow UI Builder

UI Builder allows you to create sophisticated pages out of a plethora of components quickly. Up until Paris, we could only use the UI Builder to develop and expand the Workspaces. Starting in Quebec, you can unleash the potential of UI Builder to create Portals the new way.

Why should you use it?

It is very useful when you need to connect your instance with your client’s instance and work on both sides. Thanks to this builder’s simplicity, you might also let others use it to create workspaces and portals, even if they are not developers. Pre-defined components, configuration options, styling, routings, dynamic event, and parameter binding make it easy to bring the portal alive. One exciting feature is the Page Variants. Based on User Criteria, you can specify entirely new content for different Users. E.g. managers can see entirely different content than their Team Members, and the page URL stays the same for everybody.

ServiceNow Quebec


Integration Hub – Remote Process Sync

If you are one of the Integration Hub Enterprise users, you can now use the above feature to connect your instance to your Vendors or Client’s instances. It can be one-way or bidirectional communication.

Why should you use it?

Using Flow Designer Subflows, Remote Process Sync can capture relevant data from a ticket created on your instance and then create or update related tickets in other instances. Whenever updates to those tickets are made, an inbound flow keeps your instance records up-to-date and in sync. Attachments can also be moved between instances if required. It is a highly secure way to create cross-instance workflows and processes. Remote Process Sync also supports Domain Separation, allowing you to synchronize workflows in a MSP setup easily.

Quebec Servicenow


Script Tracer

This feature is part of the platform now and can be accessed from its module. Once launched, whenever you perform any action in the system, it will analyze the scripts running in the background and show you the “call stack” of those scripts and their progression.

Why should you use it?

With Script Tracer, you can stop guessing which scripts might affect your pages’ behaviour and business logic. From within the Script Tracer, you can go into any particular script’s debug mode to analyze further and debug the behaviour.

Quebec Servicenow


App Engine Studio

Do not confuse this with the existing Studio, which is a part of the Now Platform. This completely new App Engine Studio will be available in the Store later on. Taking a quick sneak peek, what is known so far is that the App Engine Studio will be a very low-code oriented framework, giving any citizen developers the possibility to create new apps quickly and adhering to the best standards. The new UI Builder is handling the front-end, User Experience part. With predefined building blocks, you can easily sculpt any Workspace or Portal and add many dynamics between the components and pages (like passing some data or triggering specific events). The information provided below might still change, as this is not a fully finished product yet.

Why should you use it?

The Studio uses a guided creator for every step, allowing you to combine all those elements within your app. Useful Resources are included within the Studio to help answer your most typical questions around automating the process, adding security to your app and many more. Everything is centralized in one place, which seems like a great step forward for low-and no-code developers (or should we say, creators, not to offend the pro-code devs). A dedicated UI will allow you to configure tables and columns quickly and modify them all in one place. You can start from scratch, extend an existing table or import your data from an excel file. Flow Designer will be used to create the business flow of the app. If needed, you can add Virtual Agent conversations to unleash the AI’s power and reduce the old-fashioned human interaction.

Quebec Servicenow


Mobile Enhancements

Mobile enhancements utilize AI search, deep linking, and card actions to enrich mobile experiences with consumer-grade capabilities.

Why should you use it?

Now it is possible to access your instance from anywhere using the ServiceNow® Now Mobile, Mobile Agent, and Mobile Onboarding apps on your phone, away from your desk. You will get the basic information about the tickets, take actions without going into the ticket itself. It will also make incident management and collaboration faster.

Smooth Quebec upgrade

Do you need a team of ServiceNow experts to take the best out of the new upgrade? Do not wait, and contact us. As SPOC, we have been working for ten years with ServiceNow, obtaining the title of Elite partner. Check our application certified in the Quebec version here.