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PDF Generator 1.0 available on ServiceNow Store!

19 October 2019 / Custom Apps Development

Authors: Krzysztof Fąfara - ServiceNow Development Team Leader, Agnieszka Milecka - Marketing Manager

PDF Generator 1.0 from the very beginning was developed by us with the optimization of the PDF generation process in mind.

How to generate PDFs in PDF Generator?

First you create a docx template where you include all the necessary content.

PDF Generator 1.0 - templates used for PDF creation

Next, while creating the template, you also specify records that will be automatically populated by the app once you save the changes.

PDF Generator 1.0 - automatic population of PDF fields

The entire PDF creation process takes a few moments, and you can check its stage live.

SPOC PDF Generator - execution stage live tracking

Docx Templates

The very docx template is fully customizable, allowing you to merge various types of content (copy, pictures, etc.) that the app converts into a PDF file. What’s important – you can modify your templates any time.

Data Security

The entire PDF generation process takes place on your internal server(s). This way it allows you to maximize your data security and eliminate third party involvement.

Environment required

For installation PDF Generator 1.0 needs to have a host with Windows OS and Office installed – with no need to have a specific host with Windows Server. You can review the Installation Guide here.

How much does PDF Generator cost

PDF Generator 1.0 is a subscription based app, that is available at the cost of 249 USD monthly per instance.

Download the app Ask about the app details

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