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PEPCO chooses ServiceNow

1 December 2021 / IT Service Management


Made in Poland

PEPCO was founded in Poland over 20 years ago. Currently, the company has about two thousand stores in 14 markets – in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Great Britain, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy. During six months until March 31, 2021, PEPCO achieved a 9% sales increase. Annually, the group opens about 300 new stores, planning further expansion of the European market. Every month stores are visited by as many as 20 million customers, served by 20,000 employees.

Main challenge: quick changes

Due to the company’s development and expansion into new markets, it turned out that the current IT system did not work properly. PEPCO needed a solution that would influence the stores’ modernization. The biggest challenge was the dynamic growth of the company and the lack of scalability of the existing tool. Therefore, the main goal of PEPCO was to implement the new solution as quickly as possible to report incidents effectively. The short time to implement the new tool – no more than 3 months – required an efficient action plan.

ServiceNow implementation process

PEPCO’s decision was based on the presented during the SPOC workshop possibilities of ServiceNow to address specific business and technical requirements – now and in the future. During the 3 months of the project, SPOC implemented Core Configuration, Service Catalog, Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, and Knowledge Management. After the go-live, SPOC provided PEPCO Hyper care, i.e. early live support. There were also training sessions on how to use ServiceNow. In addition to training, User Guides were created in cooperation with the internal team of PEPCO trainers.


After completing the first stage of the project, in October 2020, PEPCO employees were provided with a portal, also in a mobile version, for reporting IT-related problems. As a result of the PEPCO and SPOC’s joint work, the knowledge base, which used to be divided into two (for IT and end-users), has been unified into one, giving easy access to knowledge for all portal users.


During the project, SPOC modified Major Incident Management, a system for responding to the most urgent incidents involving many users, to restore the service to its original state and prevent such incidents from happening in the future. After the implemented change, the system was based on its independent architecture for sending text messages and organizing meetings. Integration with a custom SMS platform has been adapted to the client’s needs to avoid the standard SMS API solution – Twilio. There was also MS Teams and major incident integration.


Due to the characteristics of the retail industry, an essential part of the project was integration with Diebold-Nixdorf systems supporting devices such as cash registers, barcode readers and other equipment used directly at the selling points. Such equipment is used in all stationery stores. Therefore, its smooth work is crucial for sales continuity and, consequently, for maintaining financial liquidity. Thanks to the appropriate integration with the Diebold system, it has become possible to efficiently and quickly respond to hardware problems in the store. It meant that the reports were sent to Diebold-Nixdorf with all important information regarding the failure, which shortened its removal process. By sending a request through the Portal in ServiceNow, the store staff could perform these operations as quickly as possible thanks to the list of devices narrowed down to a given store and a well-thought-out path of completing the request, based on possible scenarios.


SPOC specialists are ServiceNow professionals, famous for being trustworthy and for excellent customer recommendations. They guided us efficiently and proactively through the solution selection process. The head office of SPOC is located in Poznań, just like PEPCO. Thanks to this, we have a team of specialists “in place”, which is of great importance in the face of PEPCO’s dynamics and ambitious plans. – adds Łukasz Ziółkowski, Head of IT Services.


What distinguishes this project?


Both sides were aware of the time pressure, and still, the agile approach and closing the first stage of the project in the planned 3 months was possible.


PEPCO reached new markets during the first implementation stage. It resulted in 14 different translations ​​of the portal for end-users in PEPCO stores across Europe.


At the time of joining the project, PEPCO focused on the ITSM out-of-the-box solution. However, in the course of education and getting to know the tool, it was possible to balance ideas and new needs so that the scope was within the budget.

ServiceNow benefits for PEPCO
  • Improved store infrastructure management – empowered automatically from Active Directory.
  • Efficient problem reporting by stores.
  • Basic functionalities available from the first day of implementation.
  • Tool growth based on the company growth – scalability.
  • Faster ticket handling.
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Strong support from the IT team.
  • Easy access to the knowledge base for portal users.


Working with PEPCO has brought us a lot of satisfaction due to the company’s dynamics and the willingness to take on new challenges. Thanks to our mutual commitment to implementing innovative technologies, we achieved success within just 3 months. We are convinced that ServiceNow, as a strategic platform, will support PEPCO in its further development. – summarizes Helena Beszterda, Customer Success Manager at SPOC S.A.