Efficient HR processes with ServiceNow

Recruitment outsourcing leader

Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) is a talent acquisition and management company providing services to 100 blue-chip organizations across over 90 countries. Since 1996 the company has grown to this day, having more than 4000 employees and operating in 40 different languages. The main goal of AMS is to help organizations optimize, build and re-shape their workforces.

Main challenge: HR process management

The HR process management at AMS was handled with Outlook and Excel trackers. Due to multiple decentralized systems, the employees needed to assemble documents, lowering time efficiency physically. Manual communication management with the candidates and various candidates’ information storage slowed down the process. Since HR workflows lacked visibility, operational control was not sufficient.

ServiceNow implementation process

We focused on three areas of AMS work: meeting scheduling, HR process management, and the communication platform. In meeting scheduling, we focused on reflecting actual attendees’ availability, correct recipient details, measurement of SLAs, and the Multiple Applicant Tracking System. To do it, together with AMS, we developed a platform with 24/7 access and a mobile-friendly design. Booking meetings became easy thanks to the participants’ availability dashboard and self-scheduling option both for candidates and interviewers, as well as configurable notifications and reminders. The new platform allows real-time configurable reporting, administrator dashboard & SLA reporting.

In the HR process, the ServiceNow Platform solution, internally called OMBRA, enhances the quality and efficiency of the offering and onboarding processes. The application increases engagement and access to information for all stakeholders. It’s integrated with RPA, which extracts offer details from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and runs additional calculations. The new multi-channel communication platform based on ServiceNow has addressed the speed, optimization, and efficient communication problems. It integrates third-party solutions into one platform that incorporates workflows and a ticketing system. It is built on a domain separated ServiceNow instance, with its own logically separated database for each client, resulting in:

  • streamlined processes,
  • client security through data segregation,
  • real-time, customizable and detailed reporting,
  • automatic logging of tickets in ServiceNow,
  • embeddable into any client site/social media profile,
  • user-friendly interface.

Our perspective

Piotr Andrych

SPOC Delivery Team always focuses on creating and maintaining the custom Servicenow applications in a way that maximizes business value by responding to a rapidly changing business environment and customer requirements. AMS’s long and broad expertise in HR recruitment processes management and consulting, as well as SPOC experience in guiding best practice development of the efficient bespoke applications on the ServiceNow platform, result in creating the applications which facilitate faster and more seamless services delivery.

Piotr Adrych

Senior IT Project Manager at SPOC

Senior IT Project Manager

ServiceNow benefits for AMS

Implementing the AMS Helpdesk tool resulted in many improvements and new features. We focused on developing the dedicated chatbot element and the upgrade of the user portal. The purpose was to offer automation to AMS end users and an attractive interface that ensures a smooth and user-friendly journey through all process stages. Benefits apply to three strategic sectors: meeting scheduling, HR process management and communication platform.


Effective management of high volumes of high-priority data tasks

Facilitated access to information for all stakeholders

Reduction of turnarounds

Standardization of offering & on-boarding processes

Improvement of workload management & dispatching

Possibility of further process automation & usage of new tools

Multiple communication tools available within one platform

Each region has its separated database

Easy access to information

What does the client say?

Our aim was to automate helpdesk services and integrate different technologies – both are something our ServiceNow-based communication platform is really good at!

Anita Antosz

Product Manager at AMS

OMBRA is an integrated solution, implemented together with SPOC, that enhance quality and efficiency of offer and onboarding processes and at the same time increases engagement and access to information to all parties involved in the process.

Joanna Rutkowska

Senior Product Manager at AMS

Thanks to the SPOC team we decided not to use market-ready products but invest in a customised chatbot interface and live chat mechanism. The SPOC team is able to deal with a number of challenges we give them on a daily basis and they mastered a can-do attitude when facing the impossible.

Katarzyna Pleti

Manager at AMS