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We help customers transform existing manual and inefficient ways of working into modern, automated workflows.

For 10 years we have been integrating various customer systems using the ServiceNow „platform of platforms”, providing your employees with full comfort and your customers with the highest standard of service.

Solutions for IT

Do you want to provide your employees with high quality IT services in line with business requirements?

Do you want to provide users with the best UX through automated workflow processes?

Do you need a solution that integrates different tools, providing IT services hub?

Solutions for HR

Repeated activities and answering the same questions take too long for your employees?

Your systems can’t keep up with new challenges, remote work, and working in a distributed structure?

Do you want to ensure high satisfaction of your employees with HR processes?

Solutions for Customer Service

Customer information is dispersed across different systems and departments?

Do you want to make sure that customer information is consistent and available 24/7?

Do you want to provide your customers with efficient end-2-end processes in multiple channels?

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Make the most of your platform every day.

Implement dedicated solutions with the full support of our experienced ServiceNow experts.

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Customer reviews

"OMBRA is an integrated solution, implemented together with SPOC, that enhances quality and efficiency of offer and onboarding processes and at the same time increases engagement and access to information to all parties involved in the process."
Joanna Rutkowska
Aleksander Mann Solutions
“We recommend cooperation with SPOC as a partner having vast experience and great knowledge of the ServiceNow system.”
Michał Kijanowski
“The solution runs on our Incident Management within the Now Platform. It allows users to create a ticket in their native language via email or the service portal. The ticket is received by the support desk and translated to English. Our users love it!"
Adam Kosakowski
EXIDE Technologies
“In partnership with SPOC, our reliable and efficient ServiceNow partner, we digitized 100% of our Order Management processes in just a few months.”
Dima Medvedjko

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